W10 Intrasis workshop

Karin Lund

Imagine the possibility of storing information according to the specific need of both archaeologists and specialists! Handle both archaeological data as well as interdisciplinary data with the help of wizards that facilitates more complicated tasks. Intrasis is a combined database and GIS with object orientation and dynamic data handling that makes this possibility a reality.

During this workshop you will experience how to use Intrasis for documentation of an archaeological excavation, using it all the way from survey and data entry through analysis to publication of maps and drawings/plans, including the following steps:

  1. Creating geographical data by import of survey file
  2. Data entry for finds, samples, features etc. and creating relations
  3. Import of images and raster data
  4. Analysis in Intrasis Wizards
  5. Creating layouts and export
  6. View relations data as graph

If you would like to test Intrasis on your own computer, it needs a licensed version of ArcMap and we will provide you with a trial license for Intrasis, valid for 1 month. Please make sure that you have it licensed at latest 15th April! Email info@intrasis.com for more information and to receive the license.


For more information about Intrasis: www.intrasis.com



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