Additional free guided museum tours available for our conference attendees!

We have prepared an additional museum visit for our attendees. This will be a trip to a very unusual museum as it is located below the Market Square were the excavated underground structures were turned into archaeological park. The guided tour is completely free, you just have to registered here.

The visit will take place on Wednesday 24th, we have prepared two groups (30 people each), one will start at 8:15 PM and the other at 8:30 PM. The duration of the tour is approximately 90 minutes.

You can find al the necessary information about the museum here.

Furthermore, we have booked a guided tour around one of the most interesting scientific facilities in Kraków, SOLARIS National Synchrotron Radiation Centre, which houses one of the most advance synchrotrons in the world. If you are interested in science, want to know more about synchrotron light and get a glimpse of experiments conducted by this research centre you can register for the tour here.

We have booked two tours on 25th of April (25 people each). One group will start at 9.00 AM the other at 7.00 PM.

Address: ul, Czerwone Maki 98, Kampus UJ

The journey from city centre should take about 30-40 minutes. The fastest way is using trams number 18 or 52. The guided tour around synchrotron will take about an hour.

You can find al the necessary information about the SOLARIS Centre here.


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