Places to eat & drink

The Organizing Committee provides coffee breaks with some refreshments and snacks during the conference (salty and sweet – including vegan, coffee, tea, and bottled water, etc.).  

There is no lunch provided. You can use the restaurant located on level 0, which serves simple Polish cuisine dishes. In addition, few food trucks with vegan and vegetarian (Turlaj Klopsa), Indian (Namaste Nepal) and Mexican/French (Ur’tacos) meals will be located outside the building from Wednesday to Friday (the place is marked on the plan of Auditorium Maximum in the Programme).  

Additionally, we have prepared a list of places to eat and drink which are located within a few minutes walk from our conference venue. You can find all the locations on the detailed map of this section of Kraków.



Café Lisboa (Dolnych Młynów 3/4) (number on the map: 7)
Excellent coffee and great cakes. The restaurant refers in its menu to the culture of Portugal and Spain. Is friendly to vegetarians and prices fit in at PLN 15. Unfortunately, it is quite small so sometimes it’s hard, to find a free table.

Starbucks (10 Krupnicza / 9 Szewska Street) (number on the map: 14/23 )
A chain cafe. You can drink good coffee here and have breakfast. The price for coffee is about 17 PLN. The place usually has a lot of space, so it shouldn’t be a problem to find  a free table. The Cafe that is located at the Krupnicza street has a large, nice garden.

 Bonjour Cava (Dolnych Młynów 1/7c) (number on the map: 1)
They have a great variety of tarts and good coffee. The price is in the range of 8 – 27 PLN. A wide breakfast offer.

 Cafe Tektura (7 Krupnicza Street) (number on the map: 12)
Modern style cafe  with a great atmosphere.  Great coffee and fresh breakfasts. The price for coffee is about 12 PLN.

 Lajkonik (8 Szewska Street) (number on the map: 24)
Combination of a bakery and a coffee house, where you can taste freshly baked bread, drink aromatic coffee and try delicious cakes. They serve freshly prepared sandwiches (regular or toasted). Average price for coffee: 8 PLN, sandwiches: 10 PLN.

 Meho Cafe – Bar & Garden (26 Krupnicza Street) (number on the map: 9)
The restaurant is famous because of its beautiful, hidden garden at the back of Mehofer’s house. Prices in the range  15 – 30 PLN. Long waiting time for the order.

 COFFEE Street (Dolnych Młynów 3) (number on the map: 8)
You can receive coffee and good croissants in the cafe. Prices at PLN 15.


Lunch & Dinner

Dynia Resto Bar (20 Krupnicza Street) (number on the map: 11)
Dishes with pumpkin, Italian pasta or grilled fish are only ones among the offers of this restaurant.

Pino (4 Szczepańska Street) (number on the map: 32)
Modern cuisine, combining what is regional with what is global, with popular and sophisticated meals.

Ramen People (8 Czysta Street) (number on the map: 6)
Japanese, Asian and Korean cuisine.

Międzymiastowa (Dolnych Młynów 10/7a) (number on the map: 2)
Restaurant in industrial complex Tytano, inspired by the cuisine and flavors of the world.

Poco Loco (9 Czysta Street) (number on the map: 5)
Healthy and light Mexican cuisine with quesadilla and burrito.

Meat & Go (Dolnych Młynów 10) (number on the map: 3)
Tasty beef, pork and goose meat in industrial complex Tytano.

CK Browar (6-7 Podwale Street) (number on the map: 17)
Dishes from Polish and Austro-Hungarian cuisine, and only place in Krakow brewing beer according to the old Austro-Hungarian recipe.

Boskaiola (10 Szewska Street) (number on the map: 22)
Italian light cuisine, rich in seafood, risotto, thin-crust pizza, Italian desserts and wine.

Antler Poutine&Burger (8 Wiślna Street) (number on the map: 30)
Canadian fries (poutine) and tasty burgers.

Tamam (5/3 Wiślna Street) (number on the map: 29)
Turkish cuisine with menemen, kofte, baklava, coffee and tea.

 Smakołyki (28 Straszewskiego Street) (number on the map: 31)
Cozy and full light restaurant with a large selection of various dishes.

Mięta Restobar (19 Krupnicza Street) (number on the map: 10)
Fusion of Italian and Polish kitchen, combine traditional recipes, ultimately create their new culinary variation.

Trattoria Mamma Mia (14 Karmelicka Street) (number on the map: 18)
Italian aroma with thin-crust pizza, pasta, all sorts of meats and cheeses from the Apennine Peninsula, pressed olive oil, and wine.

Restauracja Pistacja (9 Karmelicka Street) (number on the map: 19)
Climate restaurant in historic tenement house with European dishes.


Polish cuisine

Czeczotka (1 Wiślna Street) (number on the map: 28)
Hawełka at Czeczotka is the oldest continuously operating restaurant on the Main Square in Krakow with traditional Polish cuisine and unique atmosphere.

Ed Red (3 Sławkowska Street) (number on the map: 36)
Restaurant for people who love meat, especially steaks, seasoned beef and offal.

Pierogarnia Krakowiacy (23 Szewska Street) (number on the map: 20)
One of the best Polish dumplings (and not only) in the heart of Krakow.

Polskie Smaki (5 St. Thomas Street) (number on the map: 34)
Restaurant in historic tenement house with variety Polish traditional dishes at competitive prices.

Morskie Oko (Szczepański Square 8) (number on the map: 33)
Polish regional cuisine, including a variety of delicious meats such as mutton, veal, sirloin, ribs, pork knuckles, dumplings from highlanders hometown – Zakopane.


Vege Bistro

Pod Norenami (6 Krupnicza Street) (number on the map: 15)
Great Asian menu. You can get there excellent Asian cuisine, where meat are replaced with chickpeas and tofu. The dishes are fresh and very tasty. The restaurant is very popular so we can have a big problem finding a free table.

Veganic Restaurant (Dolnych Młynów 10) (number on the map: 4)
Large selection and friendly service. In the restaurant, we will get aesthetic prepared dinner meals for portions of 18-40 PLN. Usually, we should not have a problem finding a spare table in the garden.

Krowarzywa Vegan Burger (8 Sławkowska Street) (number on the map: 35)
Vegeburgers and tortillas The card is not too wide, however,  the meal will be served quickly and fresh. The meat is replaced with  organic counterparts in the form of tofu or chickpeas cutlets served in bread roll or in tortilla. Price for portion in the range of PLN 12 – 22.


Fast food

McDonald’s  (20 Szewska Street) (number on the map: 26)
The chain of the restaurants. The time to receive the order is quite short and the prices for the order are in the range of 6 – 27 PLN. During the lunch hours, restaurant may be overcrowded.

Subway (16 Szewska Street) (number on the map: 21)
The chain of the fast food, serving takeaway sandwiches. Prices in the range of 8 – 20 PLN. There is little space in the place.

Chimera (3 St. Anna Street) (number on the map: 27)
A very popular salad bar. Short waiting time for order and a wide range of products made of fresh ingredients. A relatively low prices, makes the restaurant very popular. The restaurant has an vegan and vegetarian options. The price range is 6 – 25 PLN. In addition, a very interesting interior design. Unfortunately, there may be a problem with the availability of tables at lunch time.

 Burgerata (6 Krupnicza Street) (number on the map: 16)
Burgers and good take-out fries. Price range is 12 – 31 PLN. They are prepared on a regular basis.

Burger King (7 Szewska Street) (number on the map: 25)
A chain of the fast food restaurants specializing in serving burgers. Prices for portions at the level of PLN 10- 27. Quite short waiting time for the order and much less traffic than in the nearby MacDonald.

Olimp (7 Krupnicza Street) (number on the map: 13)
A chain of restaurants specializing in selling food by weight. The food is fresh and a good selection. Average traffic during lunch hours. The price for portions is about 18 – 35 PLN.




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